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8 clever ways to decorate your small balcony

I have heard so many people who live in apartments complain about how they don’t have a backyard or any open space where they can sit and relax and enjoy. But they tend to forget about that small place they call ‘balcony’. There is so much you can do with that little space. Never underestimate the power of any small balcony mixed with some serious interior decor.

So here are some creative ideas on how to give your small balcony a beautiful makeover.

Redo your floors:

Spring decorating ideas small balcony
Flower Setting in Balcony

That is going to be your first step, and believe me; it’s going to do 50% of your work. The flooring changes almost the entire look of your balcony. I would suggest going for the woodwork, but if that is out of the budget, you can use colorful tiles, oil paint, or anything that covers up the concrete beautifully.

Chart out a seating arrangement:

Seating Arrangement in Small Balcony


A balcony cannot be your relaxing spot until and unless there’s a place to sit. So, you can either lay out a bench, small chairs, or a big vintage sofa to start with.

Make it cozy:

Balcony decoration ideas cozy corner seating
Cozy Corner Setting in Balcony

It just gives a more homely and comfortable feel to the whole place. You can start with bright rugs, colorful cushions, or quirky curtains.


balcony designs decorating with flowers plants
Green Balcony

Put as much green as possible, but don’t just dump it there. Place the flower pots strategically in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is going to make the whole arrangement look fantastic.

Light up the place:

romantic balcony lighting city view
Balcony Lighting

A simple string of fairy light is going to do the trick. But you can think a little different and go for candle lamps. They have their own charm.

Get the half umbrella for your balcony:

Balcony decorating ideas outdoor rooms
Balcony Umbrella

If you want to rest in the shade and your umbrella doesn’t really fit, you can go for half umbrellas. They are efficient, and look lovely.

Make a hanging garden if there is no space to place plants:

balcony decorating flowers plants
Plant Hanging Baskets in Balcony

You can get these flower pot arrangements easily online. It is just going to make it prettier.

Paint rocks to look like cactus:

Paint rocks to look like cactus
Decor Balcony with Artificial Cactus Plant

If plants are really not your thing, then this is a fun idea. It will look really cute.