Cut more than 500 calories a day with these simple 7 swaps and you’ll reach your weight loss goals in no time.

Balsamic VinegarbalsamicSwitch from ranch salad dressing to balsamic vinegar. You just saved 128 calories.

Fruit Leathervending-machine-400x400Switch from multi-grain chips to a fruit leather. You just saved 95 calories.

Downsize2wesSwitch from a large fries to small fries. You just saved 270 calories.

Dried Fruitstrail-mix-recipe.jpg.pagespeed.ic.j7kXVceExDSwitch from trail mix to dried fruit. You just saved 61 calories.

TacotacosSwitch from a taco salad to a taco. You just saved 396 calories.

Milk swapshopping-milkSwitch from 2% milk to fat-free milk. You just saved 117 calories.

Bag the bagelmuffinSwitch from a bagel with cream cheese to a light English muffin with jelly. You just saved 360 calories.