Rejuvenation helps us fight back the anti ageing effect that comes with the passing years .ageing is the integral part of life circle, one must be aware of the consequences of it and amortize its effect as soon as possible. The sooner you make your routine of having rejuvenation the longer will the effects prevail. It works better when it becomes a lifestyle, rather than a series of sporadic, desperate, panicky (and often unsatisfactory) attempts at wiping the years away.

It all starts with looking after your body (and your mind). We all know that whatever you lovingly look after stays in good condition, it blooms and lasts longer. Be it your clothes, your home, your plants, your kids, your pets or your relationships.

Anti-ageing starts with simple things like a good skin care regimen, sensible diet, avoiding stress and excesses, and being physically active and fit.

Tips to follow:

1.Ginseng: Trust the Power of Roots:


Ginseng, known as “wonder of the world” has been used in China, Japan, and Korea for centuries as a total systemic tonic. It comes in several varieties, the most common being Asian, American and Siberian Ginseng. Fill up your closet with this ginseng tonic and watch the mindblowing effect on your skin.

  1. Boost Your Thyroid Gland:



  1. With age, the thyroid gland function slows down, due to iodine deficiency. Iodine has a vital role in basic metabolism processes, as it is a key player in blood cell production and muscle and nerve function. It helps your hair, skin; teeth and nails grow strong and healthy. Stay healthy and youthful by taking care of your rejuvenation regime which also intakes thyroid system regulation.
  2. Yoga:


Yoga is well known for its anti-ageing benefits. Amongst all the wonderful yoga, the Shoulder Stand, or ‘Salamba Sarvangasana’, is a posture that greatly boosts and benefits the thyroid.

  1. Breathe:


  1. Proper breathing promotes relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body. It enhances clarity of the mind and provides an overall sense of wellness.

5.Beauty sleep:



Sleep is an essential element to any anti-ageing regimen. A good night’s sleep makes you look radiant and youthful. It erases the lines that lack of rest etches in the face. They both play a major role in improving the skin and rejuvenating the body. They are also known to boost the immune system.


  1. Parsley: Use Herbs:

sndsajParsley increases blood circulation to the skin and helps purify it. Other than stimulating, soothing and cleansing skin, parsley extract is also a source of remarkable nutrition as it is rich in Vitamin C, pro vitamin V and chlorophyll

Practice the Detox Bath

  1. bathAccumulated toxins age the organs and the body in general because they prevent your cells from regenerating efficiently. Besides ridding the body of toxins and fat, a regular Detox Bath regenerates the body. It makes the skin tighter, more toned, not to mention positively radiant! It is known to ‘remodel’ the body, and strengthen and thicken the hair.