Enjoy wonders of Pakistan, Heart Exploding places will surely win your heart!

Neelum ValleyneelumThe Neelum Valley Located in Azad Kashmir Region & presents an attractive view for the tourists due to its amazing lush Greenery, streams. There are extremely exuberant sites in Neelum valley to visit which is soothing to the eyes. Even the glance of these places is going bring all the peace in this world to you. People treat themselves by visiting such fascinating areas. Let us virtually experience the flavor of Neelum Valley. There are a lush green forests & towering mountains which adds an extra beauty to this place. The noisy Neelum River on both sides of the mountains is another great view to watch.

Hunza ValleyAttabad Lake Gojal HunzaOne of the most gorgeous place, must be visited atleast once in a life or many a times. Hunza is probably Pakistan’s most visited valley, by the tourists. It is a fairy tale land surrounded by beautiful rugged & snow capped mountains. Only at a distance of 100 Kms from Gilgit Hunza is a small town on Karakorum Highway.There are three regions in the Valley, 1-Upper Hunza, Center Hunza and 3-Lower Hunza. some special places to view like Rakaposhi base camp, Diran base camp, Atta Abad Lake & the Nagar valley.

Swat Valleyswat valleySwat valley is one of the major tourist attractions of Pakistan. It is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, it has one of the oldest civilizations history and one of the beautiful scenery one could ever see.There are also many amazing places to visit in the valley such as Natural Ushu Valley & Ushu Forests, Malam Jabba, and Swat & Kalam Valleys. These all are the absolutely beautiful places for the tourists to visit.

Kalash ValleykalassshKalash Valley is one of the attractive places in the World. Here Kelash community lives in villages and are hospitable.They have their own culture & religion & they celebrate many festivals. The Uchal Festival is most famous among Kelash.

Kaghan Valleykhgan valleeyKaghan Valley is a scenic wonderland. Kaghan is a precious jewel among the many beautiful valleys in the Mansehra District of Hazara in the North West. . There are many Charming & Eye catching Sites in the Valley. Shogran, Naran, Lake Saif ul Malook, Lake Dudipat Sar & lot more are some important & lovely spots to visit.

Murree Hills2Murree the most popular hill station and summer resort in the country. People love to summer here cheerfully. That is the reason most of the tourist come to enjoy and make beautiful memories in Murree hills.

Shandur PaspassssThe beautiful shandur Pas is very popular among the Tourists due the polo festival. The main feature of the polo festival is the largest polo ground on the Earth where free style polo played here. This Polo festival attracts many tourists across the World. In Shandur heavy snow falls during winter which causes the road closed.shandur polo