Who doesn’t love nail art and manicured nails? We have picked 7 top nail trends of this year, you will love it. Don’t forget to try them!

  1. Metallic Ombre:

The gradient trend may be fading away from hair, bad ombre is a thing, you know!  It’s just getting started on nails.


  1. Asymmetrical French Manicure:

Instead of having white line the tops of your nails, the snowy shade cuts across a beige base diagonally.888de2258ca5e0fb9b8efb93600327c9

  1. Smoky Gray:

Rainy days can be the absolute worst, but you have to admit, the gloomy skies are kind of chic.50-shades-grey-beauty-tips-9

  1. Abstract Art:

You don’t have to be Picasso to master this trend. Just grab some of your favorite polish shades and have at it.abstract-nail-art-9

  1. Blood Red:

There’s something so appealingly edgy about this Goth, wintery red on the sunniest of days.d1174c605267221325eaeff91ee48b31--coffin-shape-nails-long-red-nails-coffin

  1. Electric Orange:

This vibrant shade isn’t just for your lips this spring. It’s for your nails too!final