Planning a trip becomes a bit easier:

Planning a trip with your friends and fam, coordinating dates and locations with them can turn into be a worst nightmare. You have to wait for their final decision, wait to travel to that places you’ve been dying to go. The day you decide to travel solo, pack your bag and just leave.

You get the answer of WHO AM I?

Traveling solo gives an answer of so many questions and finally you get the answer of who am I? You get a lot of time to know yourself. You get time to send hours and hours in quiet cafes, picturesque locations, thinking about everything and everyone and work on your own issues. You spend your time in exploring things.

Say hello to new people:

When travelling with your friends and fam, you are not at all comfortable to meet new people and form connection with them. Solo travel is fun, thrilling and spontaneous way to meet new people at cafes, and walking around the town. Some of these meetings may also lead to long-term relationship.

You learn to face your fear:

Travelling alone teach you how to overcome your fears and anxieties. Yes, eating your meal alone might seems scary at first but later you’ll be fine with it. Venturing into the strange cities might be adventurous but once you deal with initial uncertainty you’ll start having fun.

Finally, your planning skills become better:

You start taking responsibilities, whether it’s making a flight on time. Looking after your luggage, booking hotels, planning sightseeing and meals etc. The success of your vacations solely depends on your arrangements made by yourself.

No Drama:

Being alone means inner peace. There will be no stress created by misunderstandings, mood swings, disagreements and other problems. You don’t have to please someone else except yourself.



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