The best 6 rainy-day date ideas that would surely get you through these Monsoon Shower!sws

 Be Childish:zzThink of the fun stuff your parents took you to do when you were driving them nuts inside the house. An arcade or even a roller skating rink (so retro!) is a much more fun indoor activity than sulking.

Try to be cultured:frffFind a random local performance that you probably didn’t even know was happening, a concert or a play or a comedy show, and snag the cheapest seats. You might discover a new favorite band, don’t care if it ends up being terrible, at least it will be dry.

Splash like children in puddles:sswswseUse those new rain boots you just went shopping for. Splashing in puddles makes you feel young again, letting you recall your childhood memories.

Play photography:sswsIndeed! Every fool can capture an attractive picture of a sunset on a clear evening, but snap a waterproof case on your phone and take some moody selfies or nature shots to be the Instagram-envy of all your friends.

Catch up on the classics:wwwRent or Netflix obviously, an old movie neither of you have ever seen. Singing in the Rain would work awesomely!