Summer is here! But the most important thing that comes in mind is to stay cool and fresh in blazing summer and how can we do it? Answer lies here. You can use sun glasses and hats when going out in afternoon and use UV Protection sunscreen and the most important thing is to remain hydrated.

Sweating a lot in summer causes your body to deplete and to avoid this situation it’s good to drink water a lot to remain cool and hydrated.


  1. Drink plenty of water:

Drink cool not cold water as it invites number of disease. Drink it from water dispenser or water filtration system at home.


  1. Water based games:

Enjoy sports and activities that involve water, like swimming! Everyone enjoys a good pool party on those hot summer days or even a trip to the beach will cool down the whole family!


  1. Use antiperspirants:

Keep sweat under control with antiperspirants, and reapply after showering and before going to bed.


  1. Cooling fans:

Use ceiling fans that have been set to spin counter-clockwise to increase cooling effects indoors.


  1. Grill cooking:

Use your grill to cook complete meals and keep the heat outside.