There is nothing better than grabbing some friends, hopping in the car, and enjoying the beach for a day. But instead of stopping to pick up grab-and-go prepackaged food from the market, plan ahead and make some fresh and delicious portable fare that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. When planning a menu, pick recipes with texture and flavor that will stand up to the ocean’s elements. Although they’re not sand-proof — we haven’t figured that one out yet — here are dishes that will make your day at the beach a success.


Pasta salad is an easily portable option that fills you up and won’t let you down. For a seasonally appropriate option, try this sun-dried tomato pasta salad.


Repeat after me: “I will not buy store-bought hummus.” Make this easy homemade hummus recipe, and everyone will love you.


Can you ever really go wrong with chips and dip? Raise the bar with this delicious rosemary white bean dip. Grab some pita chips when you pick up drinks at the store, or if you’re feeling inspired, make your own.


Caprese salad is a Summer staple, and caprese skewers are the beach-friendly, portable version you’re going to love.