You can improve the quality of your life within the time you have and that includes keeping your mind sharp and clear.From eating the right foods to practicing “deep listening,” here are some simple ways to keep your brain sharp.

1.Take training exercises:

The mind stays sharp when the plasticity of the brain is maintained.You can take up playing chess, learning a new language, or juggling. You can even do something simple like learn a new direction to drive to work, type or scroll with the opposite hand, or combine your senses by eating while listening to music with your eyes closed.strength-training-exercise-workout-woman2.Exercise your body for your brain:

Walk outdoors where the terrain isn’t predictable, so that you’re perfecting your balance and working your foot-eye coordination at the same time. Yoga or tai chi also enables you to practice coordination, flow of movement, balance and the engagement of different muscle groups, getting your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes a few times a week.headspace-logo2

  1. Practice deep listening:

Just like a meditation practice can lower the activation of the stress response and therefore quiet the mind, you want to get into the practice of regularly quieting the mind so that the neurons can do their job of communicating.listening-for-growth_660_090214030642

  1. Avoid sugar:

A diet high in sugar can be harmful to the brain, inducing inflammation, oxidative stress and poor insulin regulation.sugar-intake

  1. Sleep on it:

If you don’t feel well-rested, see if you need more hours of sleep or if it’s a question of improving the quality of sleep. You may find that you simply have to wake up too early to get the right amount of hours in. If this is the case, consider taking naps, which can help you catch up on those zzz’s.sleeping-on-the-job