4 Secret Tips to Improve Customer Service in Restaurant


The dilemma with restaurants is not always food and ambiance. In fact as per a recent study one of the most important ingredients that is not taken into account is customer service. Now the question is how do we measure and ensure a standard of excellence in customer service?

Let me state that there is a major difference between customer satisfaction and customer service. Customer service is the action taken during the interactions and the customer satisfaction is the result of the customer service experience. Both are to be measured separately.

Let’s begin by entering into a restaurant. The smile is the beginning of the journey. When people do not greet and delight the temptation works out in a different dimension. Objective is to facilitate and welcome as if these were the best guests in town. This is an art form and not everyone can comprehend the duty requirements. Hence majority of top companies do deploy top level customer service training for their staff. This is really critical to ensure a dynamic and fully functional system of people and processes. The large hotel chains and national restaurant businesses do deploy a customer care training program. Basic customer service training is all about learning best practices. But is this really true with the local and smaller restaurant businesses? The answer is obviously no. And because of lack of training, the quality of engagement and response is deplorable to state the least.

In a restaurant environment, the true elegance lies in becoming one with the need and requirements of the customer. And in culture likes ours, a salutation with meaning is everything. However this is never stated and implied. And hence many of times this is placed under the carpet.

Irrespective of the lack of customer centricity at the beginning of a restaurant entrance, this particular gap can be easily addressed. Customer service training is the main solution. Use and hire professionals that can train and educate your staff. In fact, many of the training companies that we know of hardly perform customer service training at other areas except the restaurant itself. It is all about training where it matters.

But let’s give you some core 4 tips for all restaurant staff team members.


Let’s begin with the attitude. Before you actually hire people, you need to evaluate the personality traits and how they actually enjoy customer care. In many parts of the world, people who work in the hospitals are fully trained in order to optimize themselves for a very customer service mindset. Without the mindset and attitude, the ability of performing customer centricity activities become the region.

Get Feedback for all interactions

Specifically in this region, customer care has never been a top priority. In fact many of the feedbacks that are provided to customers to fill rotate around the overall experience. It looked like to read the Army ants and food. But never actually read the individual. Wouldn’t it be great that you would be able to read the particular host as well as the people who attended you? Through this proper loop mechanism restaurants can Ashley train their particular staff? New paragraph always remember that it is always new people and people that can never be monitored that make the variants. Maybe their intent is not that bad, however their principles do not decipher with their actions.

Continuous Measurement

Understand that customer experience is a continuous journey. Even with feedback, it has to be monitored continuously. Without the quality of the interaction at every offset you will find variance creeping in.

Immediately Fix – Have solutions

Even when you do find a variance in the overall customer semantics of how you deliver value then immediately have an engagement plan and provide convenience to the customer. It can be a hand written apology or shave off some from the main pricing. In both ends, allow yourself a policy of delight.


It is always about value and proposition. So if you are in the hotel business then ensure that you are always thriving to create value. Excluding working on the food and ambiance, keep a focus on the customer service front as well.