Excitement for New Year is always infinite….it brings ample of happiness in various ways. Above all, Colors’ is the first and foremost element in everyone’s life which gives an essence of love, tranquility, pleasure, leisure and much more.

As days turns into years and eventually the whole year passes bringing another new year, the trends also shifts automatically into more alluring ways. Sunshine yellow keeps you perked up. Mineral grey gives peace to mind. Earthy Green an old-school color creates a majestic space. Pale pastels the most sophisticated set of hues characterized by light pistachios, pinks blues and yellows, accentuate the nooks and crannies vibrantly.

These shades would burgeon this year, Envisaging? How these shades might play out in your own space. Look no further than these 7 rooms below, it’s palpable to check out why we’ll be besotted with these shades in 2018.

Peaceful Mineral Gray:hhgrh

Gray is an immediate color between black and white, it is cooler than ever. It brings a sense of maturity, provides peace of mind and creates a sober mood and ambiance.

Majestic Earthly Light Green:



If you are attracted to royal style, then pick earthly green as an accent wall with royal wood cut furniture to create a majestic look.




Stunning Pastel Pink:Pastel pink is an elegant and sophisticated shade. It lends a smooth feminine touch to décor. It’s again a perfect light and neutral shade that always brings positivity, a perfect element of love in life.

Electrifying Dusky Blue:


It is the hotter color, that we can’t stop lusting after. The neutral color creates a charming, soothing and electrifying effect. A dusky blue wall and a crystal clear white or net fabric curtains make this bedroom extremely dreamy and romantic.




Attractive Gold:Gold is one of the most versatile and trendiest of all. It’s formal, royal and sophisticated color blends well with the moods creating contemporary look.

Lively Sunshine Yellow: 



A cheerful, lovely and sparkling color that injects fun and optimism in life. Embracing Yellow in life is more relative, welcoming bundles of happiness. It not only pops up the beauty of the house but the one who lives with it surely receives contentment.


                                        Composite Brown and Cool BluefergtbCombination of brown and blue stands out to be the most exclusive , creating an essence of sober, warm and unique imperial that attracts everyone at first sight. The room decorated by applying these two shades on the walls and interior would be the best choice to embrace.