“You are what you eat” the popular saying has unbelievable fact in it. You have to eat all types of foods available according to your requirement. No one can say a single food will supply all nutritional values you need. Thus almost all famous nutritionists says the above quoted popular saying with slight change in it as “Tell me what you eat we will say what you are”. With such busy and tiring schedule everyday, it’s quite easy to get stressed out, isn’t it? So, today we are going to check top natural stress fighters.

Green Tea:


Enjoy green tea it will set your mood right. Not a joke. A Japanese study confirms this. Not related to age, sex, BMI (Body Mass Index), Medical History, alcohol consumption, diet, cigarette smoking etc. the study conducted with more than 40000 people and it was proved that people consuming at least 5 cups of green tea have 20 percent lower psychological stress in them when compared to others.

Whole Grains:

Whole Grains

Whole grains boost calming serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, plays main role for the transmission of nerve impulses. We can choose any whole grain such as popcorn, oatmeal, quinova, wild rice provide a wide range of nutrients as they are digested and absorbed slowly blood sugar levels can be maintained in an average so that sudden drop and spike in sugar levels problem not arises.

Dark Chocolate:


Eating about an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks continuously will reduces levels of stress hormones. Yes, it is a proved fact. A recent study confirmed it. It contains magnesium which alleviates PMS symptoms such as cramps, depression, irritability, fatigue, water retention etc. Mainly its antioxidants trigger the walls of blood vessels to relax, improving circulation so that a change in oxygen delivery and nutrients can be observed to each and every cell.



Deficiency of magnesium may lead to fatigue, irritability, stress, indigestion and stress. Spinach has significant levels of magnesium in it. Other sources for magnesium are salmon, soya beans, walnuts etc.

So planning a good food dairy will help you keep in good mood, relieves stress and be in happy mood with good health.

For this don’t go for any medication. Using proper diet dairy regularly will help you maintaining good health, wealth and stress free life.

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