Toothpaste is a wonder product for not only your teeth but also it is helpful in removing stains, get rid of pungent smell, bug bites, skin and clean your fingernails. Read out these 10 tips that have only one ingredient in common i.e. toothpaste. Use this breath refreshing tube and see its wonders!


  1. Relieve Irritations:

It’s an irritation reliever caused by bug bites. It treats soreness and blisters and its best when it is used overnight. It dries up quickly causing the faster healing of wounds.


  1. Heals burn:

It soothes the stinging burn. As it can be applied on affected area it temporarily gives the cooling effect and reduces the chance for the wound to open up.


  1. Removes blemish:

Decrease the size of a facial blemish. Apply a tiny dot of toothpaste to the affected area at night before bed. Wash it off in the morning.


  1. Clean your fingernails:

Clean up your fingernails. Our teeth are made of enamel, and toothpaste is good for them, so it stands to reason that toothpaste would also be good for our fingernails.


  1. Work as gel:

Keep hair in place. Gel toothpastes contain the same water-soluble polymers that many hair gels are made of. If you’re looking to style and hold an extreme hair creation, try gel toothpaste as your go-to product if you’re out of regular hair gel.


  1. Reduces stinky smells:

Scrub away stinky smells. Garlic, fish, onion, and other pungent foods can permeate the skin cells on our hands. Scrubbing hands and fingertips briefly with toothpaste removes all traces of smelly odors.


  1. Remove stains:

Toothpaste can make tough stains on both clothing and carpets disappear. For clothes, apply toothpaste directly to the stain and rub briskly until the spot is gone, then wash as usual.For carpet stains, apply toothpaste to the stain and scrub it with an abrasive brush, then rinse immediately.


  1. Spruce up dirty shoes:

This tactic works great on running shoes or scuffed-up leather shoes. As with carpet stains, apply toothpaste directly to the dirty or scuffed area, then scrub with a brush and wipe clean.


  1. Remove crayon stains:

Rub a damp cloth with toothpaste gently on the marked-up wall and watch the Crayola marks disappear.


  1. Make silver jewelry sparkle:

Rub toothpaste onto jewelry and leave overnight. Wipe clean with a soft cloth in the morning. Make diamonds shine by giving them a gentle scrub using a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a little water. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of toothpaste.