Unless you want to make things hard on yourself, you need these food hacks in your life for Summer. These tips for the best way to cut a watermelon, the quickest way to peel a mango, and more will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”



4. Cut them at once.

5. Slice watermelon on a cutting board on top of a baking sheet to catch all the juice for easy cleanup.

6. Keep leftover avocado from browning by coating the flesh with a little olive oil.

7. Use a (new) toothbrush to get rid of pesky hairs on corn.

What’s the secret to getting rid of stubborn silk? Brush it off!

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8. Freeze fresh lemon juice in big batches so you have it at all times.

9. Core a bell pepper while keeping it whole for easy chopping.

10. Prevent water from boiling over by placing wooden spoons over the pot.